Travelling Around Dartmoor

Travelling Around Dartmoor

Travelling Around Dartmoor

Dartmoor Circular Walkway

If you believe some first hand advice then Dartmoor National Park on foot is the best way to see the moor. For the first timers in Dartmoor, I would suggest to be a part of guided walk. Or if you want to explore on your own then be a little cautious by taking the regular paths. Dartmoor can be quite unpredictable. Various organizations and hotels offer guided walk tours.

You can get lots of options if you search the internet or ask the hotel you have booked to arrange for you. These walks are comfortable, firstly they are well equipped and have the required expertise to meet any sort of uncertainty. If you decide to walk on your own then the best route to take is the circular walkway. It is a noticeable way covering all the prominent places of Dartmoor while enjoying pristine natural beauty and fascinating sites.

Dartmoor Sunday Rover

There are many ways and means to enjoy Dartmoor National Park. But if you are looking for a leisurely and convenient method then you must count on public transport system. Dartmoor has started with this new scheme that is both easy and cost effective. The Dartmoor Sunday Rover ticket is ideal for tourists. With this ticket you get the freedom to have indefinite number of journeys throughout Dartmoor. You can decide upon travelling by train or bus depending on your requirement.

Ticket prices are very reasonable and you are also saved from the rig of standing in queues and buying tickets. Thus you save time and spend that time in a more positive way. Moreover if you are a tourist from outside the area, without much knowledge about the moor, then not to worry because when you buy the Sunday Rover ticket you will also get a Sunday Rover time table and a Dartmoor bus time table. So you can comfortably plan your trip.

Dartmoor by car

You can go around enjoying Dartmoor by car. This option though is possible but is not much encouraged by the Dartmoor National park authorities. There are a few reasons why the authorities are not comfortable with cars. Cars can damage the precarious environmental balance of Dartmoor. But there is a written restriction, so you can take your car, though you need to remember a few things, drive very carefully as you could run over a wild animal or the special Dartmoor ponies that keep frequenting the roads.

The roads have twists and turns and are not very predictable. Moreover there are parking problems in tourist hot spots. So now you know the pros and cons of travelling by car, the decision is yours.
Visit Dartmoor as a Green Visitor.

Green Visitor is a fairly new concept, basically encouraged to maintain the ecological balance of Dartmoor National Park. Various non government organizations and social welfare associations are motivating tourists to comply by small and basic things to keep Dartmoor's beauty intact. A green visitor is expected to be sensitive and sympathetic towards wild animals, flaura and fauna of Dartmoor. They should not be disturbed, your fun should not become a disturbance for them.

They insist that one should travel by public transport, rather than a car. Use more environmentally friendly means and do your own little bit to keep Dartmoor park staying beautiful. To be a green visitor, you need to be compassionate towards the problems of local people in Dartmoor. Buy local products and support them in what ever small way you can. Do not drop litter, this is the main rule to compulsorily abide by, as litter has ruined many similar places of international repute.

Dartmoor by Train

Travelling throughout Dartmoor by train is an expirence to remember. The latest and most popular train service is the Sunday Rover rail that runs between Okehampton and Exeter. Trains are also a hit with walkers and cyclists who can just take a break according to their requirement. Travelling by train is fun for tourists and a necessity for locals. Tourists can reach prominent towns by train and then explore the town by walking at their own leisurely pace. Dartmoor railways are a major tourist attraction and the authorities are making every effort to upgrade it.

Dartmoor Bus Services

Bus is a great way to explore Dartmoor National Park. You will be convinced of this once you hop on to the bus and enjoy the spectacular views outside the window. Travelling by bus is a more likeable mode of transport because it is well connected to all areas and main attraction points of Dartmoor. National Express coaches run from London twice daily. The bus stops are at walking distance from the main attractions, so you need not worry and just concentrate on enjoying with your family. You need not have the stress of having to find a parking space. The bus service is very much accessible, flexible and comfortable.

Dartmoor cycling

Dartmoor National park can be enjoyed to its fullest with a cycle ride. Cycling through quiet forests, over small bridges and amidst noises of birds and animals. Cycling in Dartmoor is very safe and comfortable because there are plenty of planned routes. There is a 90 mile circular, Dartmoor way is excellent for cyclists. It is suggested that cyclists should take planned walkways instead of trying to cycle open moors.

To aid you in this, you can get hold of brochures or online information to decide upon the routes. Moreover there are lots of routes to choose from, so it depends on the level of adventure you want to take. And if you are the more adventurous type then you could try off the beaten track. Cycle and enjoy nature in its true form. You can hire cycles from nearby villages in local shops.

Dartmoor Horse riding

Nothing can raise your adrenalin to a higher level than horse riding in Dartmoor National Park, riding a horse amidst moors can be an exhilarating experience. An experience I can guarantee you will never forget, now if you know horse riding then pull the reins and enjoy the moor. And if you are a novice at riding, then also there is nothing to worry Dartmoor has good stables and good horses and also trained guides who can help you enjoy the moor. But a piece of small advice, prepare a little before you hop on the saddle otherwise the moors can be a tricky to handle.

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