Sightseeing in Dartmoor

Sightseeing in Dartmoor

Sightseeing in Dartmoor

The Two Bridges

Two Bridges is a central location of Dartmoor National Park and is mostly the meeting point of walkers and bikers. This is a bridge that was of much historical importance for it was the only routine road running across Dartmoor. The bridge had a small settlement around it and was famous for its potato market.

You can also find a small quarry that is proof enough of little industrial activity around it. There is also a famous hotel close to the bridge that dates back to year 1794. This hotel has now grown up to become The Two Bridges hotel. The two bridge area is the focal point of many events and is very rich in terms of antiquities available, there are lots of antiques relating to the Bronze Age period.

Churches and Monasteries of Dartmoor National Park

Dartmoor National Park is not just a place marked on the geography of United Kingdom; indeed it is a very special place. Faith has always been an important part of every culture, in Dartmoor National Park you will find quite a number of churches and monasteries that are both vital part of history and an important cord of faith to the present date. The Church House located in Widecombe, Devon has a very interesting past, for it played a pivotal role in the life of villages around it.

The church transformed from one phase to another according to the needs of the neighbouring villages. This Church House forms a major attraction around this area because it provides an interesting sneak in the social-culture of villages. Buckfast Abbey monastery is another jewel in the crown of Dartmoor attractions. It has fascinating architecture dating back to the era of English Medieval period. Though it is said to have been initially built around 1018 but you can also find huge a influence from Henry VIII, who reinstated the monastery.

The Garden House

The Garden House is a very romantic place. If you are with your partner then I suggest you must visit the Garden House for sure. The remains of the building around it is from the medieval period. To put it in words of Alan Titchmarsh, "You got to be mad to miss it" and I am sure you will vouch by this statement once you have seen the place yourself.

It is a huge area, approximately ten acres and all of it landscaped into a beautiful garden. Amidst this charming garden you have a tea room where you can sit back and relax. They also sell plants, so it would be a romantic idea to buy a gift for your partner? Your partner will be totally charmed and will fall in love with you all over again.

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