Explore Dartmoor

Explore Dartmoor

Explore Dartmoor

Dartmoor is known for its plethora of Bronze Age remains; stone circles, stone rows and burial chambers and its clapper bridges, it is also well known for mists and boggy areas, though stories of the latter are often much exaggerated.

Famous castles in Dartmoor National Park

Every castle in Dartmoor National Park has an interesting folk lore attached to it, some romantic myths and some ghostly truths, but whatever it is, Castle's make a great attraction. At Okehampton, you can see the relics of Dartmoor's largest castle. This castle has been rated as the most romantic ruin in the country, it is a paradise for lovers, so couples can enjoy exploring the castles hand in hand, the caves, small streams, dense foliage, natural wild flowers make an enchanting trip.

This journey is a romantic adventure. Launceston also has many castles some dating back to a thousand years. These castles are the symbols of English heritage and have interesting historical events related to them. Castle Drogo in Drewsteingnton is a famous castle, attracting huge numbers of tourists. This castle is quite heigh and is a great place for a family picnic with spectacular scenery in the backdrop of castle.

Marketplaces in Dartmoor

Dartmoor is one of those rare National Parks that has a fairly large living population residing there. These are proper villages, some of them have developed tourist attractions catering to the needs of tourists. The thriving marketplaces of such villages of Dartmoor are an added attraction and I cannot imagine a trip complete without shopping these market places.

If you enjoy shopping and are looking for extravagant shops then head towards cities like Plymouth, Truro or Exeter. If you want a market place with historical significance and a rural, archaic look then go to Tavistock. Here you will find one of the oldest markets, known as Pannier Market dating back 1105. While you walk around the streets you can sense the past in its own unique way.

Dartmoor National Park

Dartmoor National Park, the name itself is suggestive enough to indicate that it is a store house of gardens. Dartmoor is home to many wild, rare and exclusive species of flowers and plants. Dartmoor is a nature reserve for many extinct varieties. Apart from enjoying the delightful sight of greenery, you can also learn about these plants, learn tips and techniques of creating and maintaining gardens or get inspirational ideas to landscape your own garden.

All lovers of Nature must see Rose moor Gardens located in Great Torrington. This is an all weather garden spread over a massive area of 40 acres, with it's lovely flowers and beautiful landscape makes this a relaxing experience! Dartmoor is home to innumerable gardens that you can enjoy, to name a few, Lady Anne's Rose Garden, fruit and vegetable garden, Queen Mother's Rose Garden, Lake and cottage Garden, there is so much variety and each one of them unique and mesmerizing in their own way.


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