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If you're seeking a spellbinding dining experience on Dartmoor, head to Gidleigh Park. One of the few restaurants in Britain to have been awarded two Michelin stars, the old-school moorland manor is home to the cuisine of chef Michael Caines. Set in 107 acres of woodland, the bewitching location is enough to entice any diner, before they have even seen the menus. You will be welcomed into a majestic oak-panelled drawing room to choose your dishes for the evening, before returning later to enjoy coffee and petit-fours made of anything from caramel chocolate to vanilla buttermilk with candied orange zest and peach sorbet. The hotel is also home to an exquisite private collection of antiques and art for you to admire while you await your food. The plush timber rooms bejewelled with ornament will instantly transport you to the set of the most elegant period drama.

Once the food does arrive, you may struggle to quash your amazement at the elaborate precision of the dishes. Just some of the restaurant's repertoire of dishes include nettle risotto, native lobster, Cornish salt cod, Dartmoor lamb, caramel and cardammon parfait and cherry mousse. Mushrooms which flavour dishes are foraged from the nearby woods and the hotel's kitchen garden means that many of your herbs and vegetables were grown just yards away from your table.

As for the wine menu, it is one of the most extensive you could wish to find. Gidleigh Park boasts a glorious old-fashioned cellar, as well as an expert Master Sommelier, Edouard Oger, to talk you through the 1,300 bins of wine. Take your time to choose a tipple which is ideally suited to your food of choice. However, if you struggle to settle on one dish then why not try one of the various sample menus? The signature sample menu is tailored to give you an authentic impression of Michael Caine's culinary flair and there are others available to browse. You can also enjoy afternoon tea at Gidleigh Park, complete with homemade biscuits and even a flute of champagne for the decadent. There is no denying that this restaurant is highly expensive, but if you want to indulge in luxury dining then you will struggle to find a more magical location than at the heart of Dartmoor, enjoying the craft of a world-class chef.

After your meal why not take a starry wonder around the gardens of the estate, with the river tinkling through, before venturing back through the labyrinths of windy Dartmoor roads which seclude this gourmet gem so well? This dark and secret corner of Dartmoor will undoubtedly enchant you.

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