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Museums on Dartmoor

The most fascinating thing about Dartmoor National park is it's history, the legends, myths, folklore and the antiquities of that bygone era. It is Dartmoor Museums that make this history approachable and understandable to us. Dartmoor Museums are undoubtedly the major attractions and they are doing a great job in preserving the past for the future generations. These museums have been renovated so as to meet the demands and expectations of today's public. Dartmoor Museums are very friendly and has an interesting balance of informative, knowledge and amusement.

You must visit the Museum of Dartmoor life in Okehampton. Here you will find a good insight to the social, cultural, economic aspects of people living in and around Dartmoor. The museum also traces their origin and development. In short, one visit to this museum and you will have an overall understanding of Dartmoor. I would suggest that all first timers in Dartmoor National Park must tour the museum of Dartmoor life.

Dartmoor Prison Museum

Museums have always been the symbolic representation of culture and society. This Prison museum is unique because it tells a different story. The Museum tells a story of war, Prisoners, punishment and reform. This Museum of Prince town traces the journey of Dartmoor Prison since its inception in 1809. It was in this year that the first lot of prisoners came, French and American. There after began the journey of Dartmoor Prison that has the reputation of imprisoning convicts of highest order.

Dartmoor Prison is functional even today, though now it's used for rehabilitation and education purposes. A trip to this museum is very fascinating because it gives us a glimpse of the darker side of society. You will also find details about important prisoners and a peep into their story. A trip to Dartmoor Prison Museum is surely a different experience.

Tel: 01837 52295
Website:  www.dartmoor-prison.co.uk

Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery

Plymouth city Museum has a huge collection of such varied items that will leave you completely in awe. One section of the Museum is totally devoted to Archaeology where the objects that have been dug from Plymouth and neighbouring areas. They have displayed objects representative of Iron Age, Medieval Age, Mediterranean and ancient Egyptian culture. There is so much to learn about various lost cultures and eras, Plymouth museum also has a huge display of live insects, plants, birds and animals.

A noted collection in this category is "Marine Fauna Spirit Collection". It has almost 3000 marine animals collected by Thomas Bruges Flower. Plymouth Museum has beautifully displayed the Social History of people. While you take a trip through this section, you can actually live those times with live presentations of various facets of their life. The museum doubles up as an Art gallery with exquisite collection of Fine Art and decorative Art.

Tel: 01752 304 774
Website: www.plymouthmuseum.gov.uk

House Of Marbles

At House of Marbles near Bovey Tracey there are lots of fun and fascinating things to do. The Marble museum has historic collections and rare marbles with in depth explanations of how marbles are made and a marvellous collection of board games, marble games and bagatelles, from the early 1600's. There are six fantastic Marble runs with the House of Marbles boasting that 'Snooki' is the largest marble run in the UK and possibly the world! It is easy to lose an hour watching 'Snooki' at work.

In the Games garden you can enjoy the fresh air playing with skittles, giant chess, marble rings and other family favourites including?giant Jericho.? Wandering through to the Glass blowing factory you can enjoy a bird's eye view from the viewing gallery of highly skilled craftsmen at work. Ask about hand and feet castings and glass making courses. Then into the Glass museum where you can explore the 4000 year history of glass - how it's produced and what craftsmen have made over the centuries. Stop for refreshment at The Old Pottery Cafe and Restaurant? serving everything from a full English breakfast and a huge range of cakes, coffees and teas to snacks and superb three course lunches.

Last but certainly not least there is the amazing gift Shop - The whole House of Marbles range is on display alongside beautiful items sourced from around the world. Toys, games, puzzles and pastimes, furniture and accessories for the home, ladies clothes and luxuries, presents for men, the glass gallery and more. With the factory clearance shop selling seconds and practice pieces and any production over runs. The parking is free and there is no entrance fee, so what are you waiting for? Get along to Bovey Tracey for a taste of the House of Marbles experience.

Tel: 01626 835 285
Website: www.houseofmarbles.com

Morwellham Quay Museum

This museum located in Morwellham has won many awards for it's society and culture of past times. Re-live the social life and history of mine workers around the River Tamar. The location of the museum itself is very scenic, set amidst Tamar Valley and cliffs, you are instantly transported to another world. Here in the museum they have a very interesting concept.

They have costumes of that era, apart from seeing the originals, you can actually wear the duplicate costumes and roam around replicas of mines, farms and houses created to give you a feel of those times. You can have fun role playing with your family. If you want to feel the real thrill of mines then take a tour to the under ground copper mine. The staff at this Museum are well informed to quench your thirst for knowledge. You will come out of this Museum entertained and informed.

Tel: 01822 832 766
Website: www.morwellham-quay.co.uk

The Devon Guild of Craftsmen

A place for contemporary art, be it jewellery, ceramics, photography, glass items, textile prints, sculpture or furniture. You have top artists showing their work in a wide range of items here. This Guild had indeed been viewed as the best crafts galore in the South West region of Devon. So if you are on the look out for an authentic and genuine craft work by renowned people then this is the place you must head to. The location of Guild of Craftsmen is in Riverside Mill in the famous town of Bovey Tracey.

The Guild is open all days of the week from 10 in the morning till 5:30 in the evening. The workers who display their work are of national and international repute. Here you get a chance to see all types of contemporary art under one roof. The popularity of this place can be made out from the record number of visitors it welcomes every year. Due to such overwhelming response they have built a further extension with the Craft Shop, a terrace Café and a Jubilee Gallery.

Tel: 01626 832 223
Website: www.crafts.org.uk

Museum of Dartmoor Life

The museum opened in 1982 and has a growing collection of local objects to be housed and displayed, a group of volunteers raised funds to purchase the present site and its empty derelict buildings. Much time and effort was then put into refurbishing the buildings for their new role.

Having opened to the public, over the years further enhancements and additions to displays, galleries and facilities have taken place to win awards and provide the present services and representations of Dartmoor's history.

The museum is open six days a week, except Sunday. The Museum was inaugurated in the year 1982. Growing interest and popularity of the Museum kept on growing to an extent that it has now become a place of National pride and importance. The museum will be holding an interesting exhibition called," Dartmoor Rocks!" from April 5th to July 7th. This event will be entertaining and informative.

Tel: 01837 52295
Website: www.museumofdartmoorlife.eclipse.co.uk

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