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Whenever you talk about Dartmoor, there is sure to be mention about the Dartmoor ponies. Dartmoor National Park is recognized by a special indigenous breed of ponies known as the Dartmoor Ponies that also forms its logo. Initially around the year 1950 there were more than 30,000 ponies inter spread all over the moorland, though it is sad to know that Dartmoor ponies are reducing every year to an extent that now merely 3,000 ponies are left.

Dartmoor ponies form a major attraction because they are very friendly and they form an interesting & important part to Pony riding & Carriage Driving. It's quite a fun to watch Dartmoor ponies in cross country events or show jumping.

There are many societies that organize events associated with Dartmoor ponies. There are museums that will tell you all about Dartmoor ponies, also there is Dartmoor pony exhibitions that attracts a huge crowd.

Make sure to have a look at these historically affiliated Dartmoor ponies on your visit to Dartmoor National park.

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